FEVR Distances From Rasmussen

bill-rasmussen-net-worth-660x330JACKSON, WYO. – FEVR Tech, LLC, announced that as of October 31, 2016 it had severed its spokesperson and pitch relationship with William F. (Bill) Rasmussen and Lynn Daniels.

“Mr. Rasmussen was one of the first sports thought leader to look at our FEVR technology and application and to recognize its tremendous market potential; however, as of today, Bill Rasmussen will no longer serve as an ambassador, spokesperson or public figure for FEVR, company or technologies,” stated current FEVR Tech, CEO and the creator/patent author of the FEVR technology and vision, J. Hutton Pulitzer.

fevr_logo_final_hd-1“With any new technology, especially as it is being fully developed, certain things occur within start-up companies as they progress, which create profound differences in the company’s execution of its plans and vision. At times these material differences, whether they be strategy or specifically business and personal ethics, require the core group who are innovating, developing and patenting the technology to say goodbye to individuals along the way and to begin to restructure the overall organization” stated FEVR Tech, LLC COO, Blaine Thacker.

“We wish Bill Rasmussen the best of luck in the future and we specifically recognize all the other unspoken heroes of what eventually evolved into ESPN.  Additional real heroes of the ESPN ideation, such as Don Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen, Bob Beyus, Stuart Evey and numerous other true ESPN founders, really struck on a great idea back  which launched September 7, 1979 and even though Bill Rasmussen was being moved out of ESPN prior to its launch, we know it was the team he was part of which changed the very way we enjoy consumer sports today and we all have deep gratitude for him and for those other visionaries.” commented Kozette Hedger, FEVR Tech, Corporate Secretary.

“FEVR is an exciting technology transforming the idea of fan engagement, and as we evolve into the company we are destined to be, we see that we have true potential to impact both the sporting world and the overall live event world. We believe FEVR has the chance to become as significant to the sporting world as ESPN and the guys like Don Rasmussen, Stuart Evey and George Bodenheimer, who fashioned the original idea into the juggernaut that we know today. The prospect of such has our development and innovation teams very excited!” commented Pulitzer.